SanMats ( Shoe Sanitising System )


SanMats ( Shoe Sanitising System )

It is easy to use, cost effective & a powerful mechanism to kill 99.99% germs on your footwear, a major source of spread of bacteria & viruses at your homes & offices.

SanMats will help in checking the spread of Corona Virus, it has been designed and tested to be used safely both under indoor & outdoor conditions, SanMats uses easily available disinfectant solutions.

SanMats consists of three main parts;

  1. Base : Rubber base made with high quality rubber, durable & excellent resistant to heat, water & chemicals.

  2. Insert : Anti-slippery thick PVC insert with high absorbing capacity to easily disinfect the shoes.

  3. Dryer : Anti-skid Mat to quickly dry the shoe soles to prevent it from slipping on the floor.

Heavy Duty Usage

  1. Disinfectant Solution Holding Capacity : 2 Litres for SanMats System.

  2. Disinfectant Solution Holding Capacity : 1 Litres for SanMats 2-In-1.

  3. Pair of shoes to be sanitised in one refill : Appx. 400 – 500 for SanMats System.

  4. Pair of shoes to be sanitised in one refill : Appx. 200 – 250 for SanMats 2-In-1.

Note : Insert becomes dry irrespective of the usage depending upon the temperature condition, refill it with disinfectant solution